Ultimate Diamond Guide: What To Know Before You

are iconic. They enchant us with their staggering beauty and mesmerizing
sparkle, so it’s no wonder diamond jewelry is such a timeless staple to have
in your collection.

Before you go shopping for dazzling diamond pieces to add to your jewelry
box, it’s always good to have some basic diamond knowledge. That’s why we’ve
put together this guide on everything you need to know before choosing the
expert to guide you to the perfect diamond. Dive in!

start with the basics: what are the 4 Cs?

Diamond 4Cs

might have heard about the so-called “Four Cs” before. They stand for color,
clarity, cut, and carat weight,
and are the standards that measure the rarity and quality of a diamond.
That’s what makes the Four
a key factor to consider when choosing a diamond. So, let’s take a closer
look at them.

Diamond Colors


color distinctions are often subtle, even an untrained eye can see
differences given the opportunity to compare different qualities on a white
background. Most diamonds aren’t actually colorless – they usually have a
slight tint of yellow. That’s why the closer to colorless a diamond is, the
rarer and more beautiful it is. Diamonds are given a color grade from D
(colorless) to Z (light yellow), and where a diamond falls in that scale can
significantly impact its overall rareness and price. 

Diamond Clarity


category rates the small growth characteristics on the surface and inside a
diamond,  called inclusions. Imperfections tend to be too tiny to be
seen by the naked eye, but, if a diamond has too many inclusions, it may
appear dull or cloudy.

Diamond Cuts


referred to as the most important of the Four Cs, the cut is what influences
how a diamond reflects light. This category grades how well-crafted a
diamond is in terms of proportions, symmetry, and polish. The more precise
the cut, the more sparkling the diamond.

This is the only one of the
determined by the human hand, so that’s why exceptional
craftsmanship is paramount. While the standards are defined in mathematical
terms, quality speaks for itself if you’re able to view multiple stones in

Diamond Carat


refers to the weight measurement used for diamonds. So, the higher the
carat, the heavier the diamond. However, if you take two diamonds that weigh
the same but are cut into different shapes, you might have the impression
that one is larger than the other – and that’s totally normal. Pricing is
broken up into size ranges, each range represents a step-up in price and

you need to know about diamond shapes

Heart Diamond

diamond’s shape shouldn’t be confused with its cut. The shape is the outline
of a diamond, such as round or oval. The cut of a diamond, on the other
hand, refers to its facets, symmetry, and proportions.  Try on a
variety to see what looks best on your hand shape. 

Diamonds can be cut into a variety of traditional and contemporary shapes.
From cushions to pears, each one has its own individual beauty. Here are
some of the most beautiful and popular diamond cuts.

Round    • Oval    • Cushion    • Emerald
• Marquise • Pear    • Princess
• Radiant    • Asscher    • Trillion    •
Baguette    • Heart

Diamond Drop Earrings

diamond shape looks the biggest?

elongated diamonds look larger than round or square ones. This is because
these shapes tend to have a larger surface area relative to their weight.
These cuts include the marquise, pear, oval, emerald, and baguette. 

On the other hand, the diamonds which show the smallest face-up area are the
Asscher, emerald, princess, and cushion cuts. But that doesn’t mean they
aren’t just as beautiful as any other shapes – quite the contrary! No matter
a diamond’s shape, size, or any other factor, the truth is that every
diamond has the power of captivating us with its unique beauty and dazzling

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